Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Home-made Chocolates

I am just helping my neighbor to promote her delicious home-made chocolates. At the moment she is selling it door to door basis and sometime she even sends it to cyber cafes. I mean she is not producing the chocolates in big scale.The price is very reasonable for a lip smacking grub produced by a normal down to earth housewife. A small packing which contains 6 chocolates costs only MYR4.00 or EUR0.99 or USD1.30. Isn't it cheap?
You can always order it, taste it to know what I meant. Drop me a comment or two to impr
ove the product. Although her house is in Ipoh, Perak (Malaysia), we will deliver them to any part of the country. Get the "free delivery charge" offer for your first order of 5 mini packets(minimum).Just call (60)16-5298653 or sms your order. Don't forget to include your address.
P/S You can also write in to my e-address:

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