Sunday, March 9, 2008


Internet scams

(A note from Holly)

They are everywhere. They exist for one reason only; To make one person rich by scamming money from someone else. Its very harsh, but it happens everyday. There are people who are trying to search for ways to make money online, and they will come across money making guides that claim to make them money. How can we be sure that these types of money making e-books aren't internet scams? There are signs and the signs are clearly notable.

Does the product offer a money back guarantee? If so, this is a good sign. It doesn't always mean that its not an internet scam, but it does reassure you that if it happens to be a scam, you can get your money back. Always make sure that you look for a money back guarantee when you are searching for a product online. Usually there will be a 30 day refund period, sometimes longer.

Does the product claim you can make 'x' amount of money in 'x' amount of time? A lot of internet scams will claim that you will make $3500 / week or something similar to that. Avoid these types of products as much as possible. No one can guarantee how much money you can make in a week, so don't fall for these types of guarantees! This is usually a red flag and is most likely internet scams!

Have you done your research on the product? When you find a product that seems legitimate, the next step is to do your research. The internet is huge, and there will most likely be many people online who have purchased the product you are interested in. Type in the product name into google, and see what comes up. Join a few home business forums, and you will most likely find people there who can tell you some information about the product. Research is key if you want to avoid internet scams.

I can't stress it enough that in order to avoid internet scams, you have to

-Look for a money back guarantee
-Make sure the product doesn't guarantee how much money you'll make
-Do your research.

Those are all key steps you have to take, to ensure you don't become another victim of an internet scam! For more information on get rich quick scams, please visit

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